I keep thinking to myself, “How can I make TH GREY look & feel differently from my competition?” How can I continue to keep people engaged and interested in my brand?  I’ve been keeping an eye on the other women’s boutiques around Sioux Falls for a comparison to TH GREY, and I don’t exactly feel like there are a lot of comparisons.  The style is different, the marketing content is different, the vibe is different.  Now I’m thinking, “What more can I offer to my customer to get them to notice me?”  Today, I am going to talk about a possible new strategy I’m going to be phasing out starting soon: lots and lots of video content.


I can take things to the next level by digging deeper into what I want to put in front of my customer on all platforms. This will make people start to pay attention and get to know TH GREY.  I want my customer to feel an emotion, a connection, and relationship to where they’re spending their money.  The customer wants to know they’re guaranteed great quality, and that they’re also being taken care of.  How can I show this?  I can do this by creating high quality content that has blood, sweat, and tears behind it (figuratively speaking). 


A video tells a story. It shows the vision, feeling, and movement of what you’re trying to portray to the world.  In today’s society, people have the shortest attention spans than ever before, and will only take a half-second to look at something and decide if it’s worth looking at longer.  That’s just how our brains function from having marketing content thrown in our faces all day long.  That’s why videos get a lot more attention because people recognize that there’s thought and planning behind it, and time has been spent editing and creating something unique specifically to show you! 



I’m still managing to figure out Instagram & Facebook’s algorithms. Certain content will reach more people than others, and it’s a challenge because of the constant changing and evolving.  I have learned that creating a one-of-a-kind video will gain more people’s attention and create a deeper connection than just posting photos day after day.  The videos I’ve posted so far have gotten people talking.  Past ones have included:  a short story of Lauren being extra cool in her TH GREY for the website relaunch, a short video about TH GREY & working together with a local business for a fashion show event, and also a sweet spring video showcasing outfits from my Spring Collection.  They’ve all had great responses, and have opened my eyes.   


My goal going forward is to put my creative cap on with Sam and come up with fresh ideas. Let’s start taking this to the next level, shall we?  Let’s see what we can create for all of you to better get to know TH GREY and myself.        


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