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Photoshoots are a creative way to showcase favorite pieces from new collections and to tell a story. It is a chance for me to show you my inspiration behind the chosen pieces, and gives you a chance to envision yourself wearing them.  It gives a deeper understanding and relation to the brand.  It gives ideas of new styles and fashion trends.  Most importantly, it shows how the clothes look + fit in real life settings.  Exciting, challenging, and ‘all about the details’ best describe this process for me.  This is my perspective on the lifestyle shoots we do for TH GREY and everything that goes into them!


TH GREY is representative of the confident, carefree, and stylish women of the world. That’s the vision I want to convey to all of you!  I need to make sure when women see these photos they can imagine themselves wearing the clothes and feeling incredible. Choosing the pieces to showcase is the easy part.  First, I pick my favorite collection staples and set those aside.  The models choose + try on what they like, and we then coordinate with style + color for each outfit change.  Can’t forget accessories of course – so we finish the outfits by choosing jewelry, hats, and shoes.  Boom.  Done.  Time to put your fierce face on.


Choosing a location is a huge part of the feel and vision. A great location to work with that offers multiple backdrops, great lighting, and natural props.  Again, the point is to speak to you through the photos and for you to naturally relate to TH GREY.  My favorite aesthetic is a rustic modern feel.  I like brick walls mixed with solid colors.  Old buildings that have been updated with an industrial modern twist.  Timeless vintage-looking scenes and settings.  The locations are reflective of the clothing because they share a lot of the same qualities and characteristics.  Durable, timeless, and will easily catch your eye.  The models feel in place and comfortable as if they were in their natural habitat.  Luckily, Sioux Falls has a great variety of different types and feels to choose from.  They are historic and will tell you a deeper story than boring new buildings.  My photographer, Sam, has an eye for architecture that will perfectly match the clothes so I can easily depend on him to consistently find fresh suitable locations.  So far, we have shot in the Icon Lounge in Downtown Sioux Falls for a vintage/casual inspired shoot.  Our second location was in front of a building I had never noticed before.  A honey mustard colored tall building with solid black framed huge windows.  Interesting and creative is the name of the game.  Relatable + will catch your eye + models feel at home is the combination I am looking for. So far we’ve been successful at achieving this!  I am lucky to have models that are easy to work with and of course gorgeous.  I’m also fortunate to be able to call them my friends. 


I am slowly getting the hang of directing the models on set. I am not used to being in charge and telling people what to do.  There’s a fine line between being bossy and being creative.  I see things the photographer doesn’t or the model doesn’t realize and I try to either correct it or put my best personal spin on it.  I have to make sure no bra straps are showing, hair is in place, and position is the most attractive for that particular angle.  We have such a great time on set laughing and being goofy.  Whether it is climbing trees or using the car doors as a changing room.  My model friends are not afraid to try new things and set outside of their comfort zones which I appreciate.  They are awesome, and I wouldn't have this any other way! 


My personality is very laid back so this is a new role I have to take on and feel comfortable doing which is a process.  I hope to continue to grow and learn how to take this role to the next level and do the best possible job I can do to make this an effortless process each and every time.  Every time we do a shoot, it continues to get better and better and the models feel more comfortable.  Working with Sam has taught me so many things I had never considered before and we make a great team.  Can’t wait to continue on this unique journey and hope you continue to follow me and to see what happens!



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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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